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Selling guide

Roatan Executive Realty will assist you in all steps in the sale of your property.

If you have been completely happy with the agent who assisted you in buying your property they may be the right agent to sell your property.

Select an Agent who is familiar with sales in your area.

Ask the Real Estate Agent for references from selling owners. Request email addresses and phone numbers so you can contact the references directly.

Ask the agent how they plan to market and sell your property. Make sure you are clear from the start.

Talk to other people about how the Real Estate Agent interacts with other agents in the area works. An agent who communicates with many other real estate agents will get the sale done more quickly.

Many agents may suggest a longer exclusive contract for six months to a year or more. Shorter terms may work better as you can always change agents if things do not work out well. Also ask the agent about their listing cancellation policy.

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